webFlutter is a mobile-based video message platform that simplifies the creation, management, sharing and tracking of video communications. It helps businesses create 15 second personalized, animated, and branded videos or "Flutters" that help build strong emotional customer connections.

Through frequent interactions with your customers, you will begin to build trust and increase retention. And when your customers are happy and enjoy doing business with you - they will share their experiences with friends, colleagues and family members.

webFlutter Builds Brand Ambassadors
webFlutter puts you in control of your video messages. It helps you create high quality, high impact, and low cost video "Flutters" in a few simple steps. Use "Flutters" for things like...

Product news
& specials
Service updates
& reminders
& special events
Short video moments to make your customers laugh, engage and share

And through these brief but powerful "Flutters" your customers will become your brand ambassadors - sharing their positive experiences and thus influencing their friends, colleagues and families - naturally and organically.

Why webFlutter

If you believe the experience you provide leads to more business, then webFlutter will help you cut through the digital clutter to engage your customer base and increase retention, referrals, and loyalty.


How to Flutter

Creating a "Flutter" is a fast and easy four step process:

Identify Customers
Create a "Flutter"
Share the "Flutter"
Track the "Flutter"

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