How to Flutter

Creating a "Flutter" is a fast and easy four step process:

Identify Customers
Create a "Flutter"
Share the "Flutter"
Track the "Flutter"
1. Identify Customers
  • It starts with your customer database. Identify a target audience you would like to communicate with-for instance, customers due for a product upgrade or service appointment.
2. Create a "Flutter"
  • Craft a 15 second animated, branded video message. Talk and record a message to personalize the webFlutter video animation content.
3. Share the "Flutter"
  • Send your video message to the target audience identified in step 1. Send individual messages directly through email or post on social media channels.
4. Track the "Flutter"
  • webFlutter provides outcome intelligence. Track views, shares, referrals and visit rates-interactive data that leads to more revenue.

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